100 Easy to Use Health and Fitness Affirmations

100 Easy to Use Health and Fitness Affirmations

Today let’s talk about health and fitness affirmations! But before we get into affirmations, let me share my story with you. I used to be pretty skeptical about affirmations for health and fitness. It sounded silly and hard to believe, how could saying positive things actually make a difference? But then I actually gave it a solid try with action, and — let me tell you, this works!

Our minds are incredibly powerful things. The thoughts we dwell on and the beliefs we hold do shape our reality in so many ways, including our physical health. By repeatedly telling myself uplifting things it’s like I’m re-programming my brain on a subconscious level.

The best part is — more you use it the more you feel its impact. It’s not an overnight thing, but slowly those optimistic thoughts start feeling more and more natural.

Before I knew it, making healthy choices wasn’t a constant battle anymore — it was just second nature because my mind fully expected and believed in my ability to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

If you haven’t tried it for your own health and fitness goals, I encourage you to give it an effort. Allow that positive self-talk to find its way in, and you could be amazed by the result!

So in this post, I’m sharing 100 simple and powerful health and fitness affirmations.

Consistency requires discipline and a strong mindset. Today, with health and fitness affirmations, I hope you’ll find words to keep you motivated and believe in yourself. 

Make sure to have fun because it will be natural for you to continue! 

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Here we go:

List of 100 Health and Fitness Affirmations

100 Easy to Use Health and Fitness Affirmations

1. Every workout helps me get closer to my healthy and fit body.

2. Every day, I fuel my body by making good choices.

3. I am achieving the highest levels of fitness.

4. Every day, I feel healthier and happier.

5. My body deserves to be taken care of.

6. I have strength. I have courage. I’m capable of it.

7. I make caring decisions that are good for my body.

8. I’m losing weight and becoming more fit in a healthy and natural way.

9. My body is more powerful than I could have ever imagined.

10. I am dedicated to achieving my fitness goals.

11. My body looks after me all the time.

12. My sleep is restful and refreshing.

13. My body is an incredibly strong, resilient, and persistent force.

14. I have an abundance of energy, vitality, and well-being.

15. My body is quite intuitive about what it needs, so I pay attention to it.

16. I have a sexy figure that I enjoy building and keeping.

17. I breathe good energy into each and every cell in my body.

18. I work out all the time and am in terrific shape as a result.

19. I attract health into my life by radiating positivity.

20. Regular exercise has significantly improved my confidence and self-esteem.

100 Easy to Use Health and Fitness Affirmations

21. My essence, my being, my birthright is good health.

22. My mood is stable and happy due to my daily exercise.

23. I can simply absorb positive, nourishing energy into my entire body.

24. My attitude improves as I feel better physically.

25. I take good care of my health, mind, and soul.

26. I am healthy, happy, fit, attractive, and beautiful.

27. My body is powerful. I have an excellent mind. My soul is happy and full of light.

28. Today, I focus on taking one step forward, no matter how small.

29. I have the guts to make decisions that are good for my body, mind, and spirit.

30. I keep my body fat below 10% at all times.

31. My mind is clear and my body is well-rested.

32. My physical fitness clearly indicates that I follow a fitness plan.

33. I respect my body and its innate strength while I exercise.

34. My fitness routine is fun, lively, and simple!

35. I enjoy taking care of myself and giving my body the respect it needs.

36. I am blessed with excellent health.

37. I am happy with myself for having the guts to stand up for who I am.

38. I am happy that I now feel healthy, fit, active, and full of life.

39. I am grateful for my ability to move my body in ways that make me feel wonderful.

40. I love to exercise and enjoy it every day.

100 Easy to Use Health and Fitness Affirmations

41. Exercise requires time and work, but I am well worth it.

42. I am an excellent example of health and fitness.

43. I’m bringing good health to my mind and soul while I exercise my body.

44. My daily fitness routine produces fantastic benefits.

45. Feeling well is something I love greatly.

46. My metabolism increases by the minute during my workout.

47. I attract the same energy to my body and soul as I vibrate at the greatest level of love and light.

48. I enjoy training, and my fitness routine produces incredible results.

49. I embody everything that is healthy.

50. My body responds well to my exercise routine.

51. I am so grateful for my ongoing excellent health on a daily basis.

52. Once good health has been achieved, it must be maintained.

53. I have limitless vitality and plenty of energy.

54. I have to keep exercising to keep my body fit and healthy.

55. I turn fat into easily-maintained lean muscle.

56. My body takes care of me, and I care for my body.

57. I am strong and can do whatever activity I desire.

58. I can and will lead a healthy lifestyle.

59. I’m naturally inclined to keep active and move my body.

60. Getting in shape matters for a long, healthy life.

61. Everything I put out, I get back tenfold.

100 Easy to Use Health and Fitness Affirmations

62. I’m not a quitter. Failure isn’t an option.

63. I am happy that I have taken good care of my body.

64. I am confident about my health and fitness goals.

65. I promise to achieve the highest level of fitness in my life.

66. Exercising in the gym makes me fit and healthy.

67. I enjoy wearing outfits that accentuate my great shape.

68. I can become the fit person I’ve always wanted to be.

69. I have the perfect figure — both shapely and healthy.

70. Good workout sessions will continue to occur.

71. Every time I exercise, I gain muscle and burn more fat.

72. Sore now, fit and healthy tomorrow.

73. My health and fitness program is enjoyable and fulfilling.

74. I’m healthier and more fit when I work out harder.

75. My positive thoughts and actions renew my health and fitness.

76. My body is not controlled by my negative thoughts.

77. My body is sacred, and I will care for it.

78. Excusing does not burn any calories.

79. I exercise to respect my body’s strength.

80. Wishing for a healthy and fit body is one thing, working for one is another.

100 Easy to Use Health and Fitness Affirmations

81. My immune system is strong and keeps me safe.

82. Those who have quality workouts see good outcomes.

83. I eat food to nourish and honor my body.

84. Today I’m going to reward my body with a great workout.

85. I treat my body with the love and care it deserves.

86. I feel fortunate to be able to exercise.

87. I do not carry stress or tension in my body and mind.

88. By exercising, I become an excellent role model for others.

89. I deserve to live a long, fit, and healthy life.

90. I keep myself in shape for both myself and my family.

91. I take life one step at a time.

92. As I exercise, my body will reward me with more years of good health.

93. I have eliminated every harm from my body.

94. Every time I exercise, I can feel my body getting stronger!

95. My health cannot be taken away.

96. Every day represents a new opportunity to be healthy.

97. My physical dreams and goals are valid and achievable.

98. My body is my friend, and I treat it like one.

99. I set health goals because I know I can achieve them.

100. I love the parts of myself that require the most love.

Final Thought on Health and Fitness Affirmations

I hope you enjoyed reading these 100 health and fitness affirmations and will also find them helpful in your fitness journey. Use these affirmations before workouts, during workouts, and after working out. 

When you think about it, so much of achieving your goals comes down to mindset and self-belief. Affirmations are like a way to purposely shape that inner voice and align it with what you’re trying to accomplish.

So let’s say your affirmation, at first, it might feel a little forced like you’re just saying some words. But then a few weeks go by, and you’ve recited it hundreds of times while trying to imbibe it. 

If you make it a ritual, eventually it just clicks into place. So please don’t knock it until you try it! That inner dialogue can make a bigger difference than you might think.

Let me know in the comments below which health and fitness affirmation you liked the most.

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