100 Powerful Self Control Affirmations to Master Your Mind

100 Powerful Self Control Affirmations to Master Your Mind

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“Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is Power.” — James Allen

If you want more autonomy in your personal life, these self control affirmations will help you get there!

Sometimes, it feels like life is pulling you in lots of different directions, between work, family, friends, and all the other demands, it can be tough to stay focused and in control. But here’s the good news — you have the power to take charge and create the life you want. It’s all about self control.

Self control is a skill — the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. It’s the ability to manage your thoughts, emotions, and actions in a way that helps you reach your goals, instead of getting sidetracked by every little distraction that comes your way.

Now, I know self control isn’t always easy. We’re human, after all, and sometimes that chocolate cake or Netflix binge just seems so much more appealing than the responsible choice. But here’s a little secret: self control affirmations can be a game-changer when it comes to controlling your life.

They remind you of your strength and your ability to stay the course. They might seem silly at first, but trust me, they work. The more you repeat them to yourself, the more they’ll sink in and become a part of your mindset.

So, take a look at these self control affirmations, and pick out a few that speak to you. So, go ahead — give those affirmations a try. 

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Self control affirmations to master your mind

100 Powerful Self Control Affirmations to Master Your Mind

1. I am present in this moment, making clear and conscious choices.

2. My thoughts are within my control.

3. I have the strength to overcome any obstacle.

4. I control every situation easily.

5. My feelings are not masters; they are messengers. I decide how to react.

6. I relax and let go. I go with the flow. I am secure in God’s hands.

7. With each breath, I develop inner peace and unwavering focus.

8. I am in control of my life by the decisions I make.

9. Challenges are opportunities to strengthen my self-control muscle.

10. Every act I perform is one of love, freedom, mastery, and hope.

11. My emotions are not my slaves; I am the master of them.

12. I’ll consider before I speak.

13. I trust my ability to make healthy and productive decisions.

14. I’m always calm and relaxed. My thoughts are under control.

15. Delayed gratification is a superpower; I wield it with purpose.

16. I let others be who they genuinely are.

17. I break free from negative patterns and embrace positive habits.

18. I am in charge of the words I say.

19. The discomfort of saying no leads to the satisfaction of long-term goals.

20. I am in control of my own life.

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100 Powerful Self Control Affirmations to Master Your Mind

21. I am worthy of abundance, and I attract it through disciplined actions.

22. I have full control over my mind and body.

23. My willpower is strong, and my focus is unwavering. I can achieve anything.

24. I take control of my emotions, desires, and abilities.

25. Setbacks are temporary, and my commitment to self-control is permanent.

26. I am in control of my reactions.

27. I am surrounded by positive influences who inspire and support my growth.

28. I am the only one who has power over my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

29. I forgive myself for past slips and recommit to self-control with each sunrise.

30. I have an internal locus of control.

31. Patience is a virtue, and I apply it with every mindful breath.

32. This is the time I reclaim my control. I prefer to develop the positive habit of knowing that life is waiting for me.

33. My inner strength allows me to resist distractions and stay on track.

34. I am a hard worker who follows through.

35. I am disciplined, not deprived, and my choices lead to a fulfilling life.

36. I’m the type of person who pushes myself.

37. I have the power to create the future I desire through consistent self-control.

38. I want to know what happens if I do not give up.

39. I am grateful for the self-awareness that allows me to make conscious choices.

40. Self control is a core value of mine and is very important to me.

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100 Powerful Self Control Affirmations to Master Your Mind

41. Discipline is a journey, not a destination, and I savor the progress I make.

42. There is no “try”. I can either “do” or “do not”. Today, I decided to “do”.

43. I am capable of handling any situation with grace and composure.

44. The success will not be as satisfying if it is not earned through difficulty.

45. I radiate confidence and self-control, attracting positive outcomes.

46. Self control allows me to take charge of my life.

47. Self-control is a gift I give myself, leading to a life of peace and fulfillment.

48. I might not want to, but I know I have to.

49. I am worthy of investing in myself through self-discipline and healthy habits.

50. Self control requires optimal inner strength, which I am constantly striving to develop.

51. I prioritize self-care because I know a rested mind leads to better self-control.

52. I am responsible for any advancement that I make or do not make today.

53. I visualize success, fueled by the power of self-control.

54. Self control is hard, but that’s why it’s worth it.

55. I am building a legacy of self-mastery, inspiring others to reach their potential.

56. My thoughts and feelings are fully under my control.

57. I attract opportunities that align with my values and support my growth.

58. I work complete control over my thinking and feelings, at all times.

59. I am in control of my time and attention, directing them towards my goals.

60. Now I am in complete control of my emotions.

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100 Powerful Self Control Affirmations to Master Your Mind

61. I am worthy of achieving greatness, and self-control is the fuel that pushes me.

62. I faithfully honor the agreements I make with myself.

63. Discipline is not punishment; it’s the liberation from negativity and self-doubt.

64. I always have endless self control.

65. I find joy in the process of self-control, knowing it leads to a fulfilling life.

66. I have the power to choose to think more positively since I am in charge of my thoughts.

67. I am grateful for the challenges that allow me to refine my self-control.

68. I refuse to waste a single day I have been given on this planet.

69. I celebrate my ability to say no to instant gratification, choosing long-term gain.

70. Consistency is what helps me reach my goals.

71. I am a work in progress, and with each day, my self-control strengthens.

72. I want the best for myself and I have faith in my abilities.

73. Discipline is like a muscle; the more I use it, the stronger it becomes.

74. Strong self control is required to break my bad habits, and I know I am capable of that.

75. I am surrounded by positive affirmations that fuel my self-control.

76. My mental health will greatly benefit from breaking this harmful habit.

77. Every mindful breath strengthens my resolve and focus.

78. I am capable of setting boundaries and sticking to them.

79. I am capable of great things, and my guide is self-control.

80. I am dedicated to improving my self-discipline and self-control.

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100 Powerful Self Control Affirmations to Master Your Mind

81. I find inspiration in others who show remarkable self-control.

82. I refuse to give in to procrastination and instead focus on my goals.

83. I choose self-control today because I know it’s essential to a happy, fulfilling presence.

84. I generously show others who I am.

85. Not even the slightest desire can pull me away from my real destiny.

86. Discipline is my superpower.

87. I create the indestructible bonds of self-control that bind me to my greatest potential.

88. I embrace delays and distractions with grace.

89. I have the resilience to overcome any challenge that stands in my way.

90. Temptations have no power over my resolve.

91. Self-discipline and self-control are the invisible force that propels me forward.

92. I am the master of my impulses.

93. I have the courage to say no when necessary.

94. My mind is clear, and my purpose is strong.

95. I am willing to grow and learn, and I let self-control change with me.

96. I breathe deeply and regain my control.

97. My self-control becomes contagious, inspiring others to reach for their best selves.

98. Patience is a virtue I possess.

99. I can bounce back from negativity and self-sabotage thanks to my self-control.

100. Self control is the key to my success.

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Do affirmations work for self control?

Yes— affirmations can be incredibly powerful when it comes to boosting your self-control. But let’s be honest, staying disciplined and focused on our goals isn’t always easy. There are so many distractions vying for our attention every single day.

The great thing about affirmations is that the more you repeat them to yourself, the more you start to actually believe them. 

Now, affirmations aren’t a magic cure-all, of course. You still have to put in the hard work and make conscious efforts towards your goals. But — they give you that extra boost of motivation and confidence when you’re feeling tempted to stray from your path.

So go ahead, find an affirmation that connects with you, and make it your new mantra. Be patient, be persistent, and let those affirmations work their magic.

How to use affirmations for self control?

Tips for using affirmations effectively to improve your self-control:

  • Craft affirmations that feel authentic and align with your goals for better self-discipline. Something like ‘I have the willpower to resist temptations’ or ‘I stay focused on my priorities.’
  • State them in the present tense. Affirmations are most powerful when phrased in the present as if you already have the quality you want. Avoid future tense.
  • Repeat them regularly. Recite your chosen affirmations daily, either out loud or silently to yourself. You can do this while getting ready, commuting, or having any downtime.
  • Add emotions. Don’t just repeat words - visualize the meaning and feel the emotions of having strong self-control as you affirm the statements. Experience the confidence and pride.
  • Write them down. Reinforce the affirmations further by writing them out repeatedly in a journal or on sticky notes to refer to often.
  • Replace negative self-talk. When you catch yourself thinking negatively about your abilities, consciously turn it with your positive self control affirmations.
  • Don’t expect instant results. It takes regular practice over time to rewire thought patterns. Stick with it consistently.

How often should I repeat self control affirmations?

If you really want them to stick. But I also don’t want you to feel like you have to be perfect or put too much pressure on yourself. That’s the opposite of what we’re going for here!

The way I see it, aim to make your affirmations part of your daily routine, but in a way that feels natural and sustainable for you. When you wake up – you can repeat them while you’re still lying in bed or as you’re getting ready. Or perhaps midday is better, when you can take a minute during your lunch break to re-center yourself.

The key is making it a habit without being too rigid about it. Putting that much pressure on yourself can backfire. Go with whatever cadence feels right. Once or twice a day is awesome. More is great if you can! Just don’t beat yourself up over ‘falling off the wagon’ occasionally. Self-compassion is so important.

How long does it take to see results from self control affirmations?

You know, when it comes to seeing results from those self control affirmations, the truth is that it’s going to take some time and persistence. But don’t let that discourage you! The payoff is worth the effort.

Think of it this way – you’re essentially retraining your brain and overriding years of habitual thought patterns and behaviors. That’s no small feat! At first, those affirmations might feel a bit awkward or forced. But stick with it, and slowly but surely, they’ll start to feel more natural.

In my experience, most people need to consistently practice their affirmations for at least a few weeks before they really start to notice a shift happening. You might find yourself feeling a little more motivated or aware of your impulses during that time. Then, over the next couple of months, you’ll likely gain more confidence and strength to actually follow through on making disciplined choices.

So don’t get discouraged if you don’t wake up with superhuman self-control overnight. Personal growth is a journey, my friend, keep putting one foot in front of the other and have faith that your mindset is gradually transforming. Before you know it, disciplined choices will become second nature. Just trust the process!

Final thoughts on self control affirmations

I hope you found the post useful, and that these self-control affirmations help you reach your biggest goals!

Now, don’t expect a complete mindset shift right away. That’s not how it works! You’re basically retraining your brain’s patterns and habits over time. It’s a peaceful journey of self-discovery.

When you apply these affirmations to your daily practice, give yourself credit.

Be kind to yourself and allow this to emerge gradually. Those empowering thoughts will quickly get engraved in your mind.

So, try these affirmations now and find out how they might improve your life.

100 Powerful Self Control Affirmations to Master Your Mind

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