100 Affirmations for Letting Go and Trusting the Universe

100 Affirmations for Letting Go and Trusting the Universe

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“Trusting the universe means having faith that everything is going to work out for you, even if you don’t know how.” Rhonda Byrne

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Are you ready to release yourself from the bad feelings that have been burdening you? Do you want to let go of the negative emotions that prevent you from fully enjoying life? 

Let’s talk affirmations for letting go and trusting the universe. 

The word “letting go” is usually associated with weakness or giving up control. However, it could be one of the most effective ways in our spiritual journey. It involves releasing ourselves from being attached to a particular result and allowing the Universe to take us toward our highest good. 

By surrendering our thoughts, concerns, and energy towards the universe we take back our power and find peace of mind within ourselves. It means believing that events happen for a purpose; we are always directed toward growth and satisfaction. 

It could be that you have been grappling with negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living to your fullest potential. Or maybe it is a matter of faltering in having faith in this uncertain world and its plan for you

In whatever form, affirmations can be an effective way of changing how we think and can lead to building trust and faith. Hence, this article gives 100 affirmations for letting go and trusting the universe so that it becomes useful for overcoming fears, anxiety, or scarcity mindsets. 

Now take your spot, and let’s get real about appreciating the beautiful human you are.

Affirmations for Letting Go and Trusting the Universe

100 Affirmations for Letting Go and Trusting the Universe

1. My belief in God’s creation provides me strength and inspires me to let go of my worries.

2. My dreams come true because I am a co-creator with the Universe.

3. I listen gratefully as the Universe sounds its secrets into my existence.

4. My heart is so full of gratitude it brings even more blessings.

5. I connect with the Universe’s wisdom with an open heart.

6. I find happiness within, independent of external circumstances.

7. I trust my soul’s inherent knowledge and pay attention to its whispers.

8. I shine a light on the entire world as a strong sign of love.

9. My joyful nature comes through, attracting wonder and brightness into my existence.

10. I let abundance come into my life naturally and let go of the desire to fight for it.

11. Every day is a gift, full of chances for happiness and connection.

12. I surrendered my need to know everything and put my faith in life’s enchantment and mystery.

13. I am appreciative of all the abundance and beauty around me.

14. Even when I can’t see it, I have faith that the Universe is constantly working in my favor.

15. This is the law of nature that every setback is a chance to learn, grow, and rise stronger.

16. I’m grateful to the Universe for all of your guidance and inspiration throughout my life.

17. I’m grateful that the Universe has a Supreme Power assisting me in finding the appropriate opportunities at the right times.

18. I have the strength to overcome obstacles and survive crises because of God.

19. I’m filled with the Universe’s light and energy.

20. I can harness the power of my intuition and learn to trust its advice.

21. I don’t worry about matters over which I have no control.

22. I get stronger, more resilient, and more trusting with every breath.

23. The Universe provides me with confidence and courage.

24. Every event, no matter how good or bad, shapes my specific destiny.

25. Sharing my light and adding to the greater good explains why my opinion matters.

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100 Affirmations for Letting Go and Trusting the Universe

26. My dreams match the plan of the Universe, and I have faith in the timing.

27. I make decisions with ease and confidence because I believe in my inner wisdom.

28. I always have the love, support, and guidance of the divine.

29. I am loved and supported and an element of an enormous, interconnected web of life.

30. Even when I can’t see how it happens, the universe is working in my favor.

31. My sense of connection to the cosmos grows, promoting clarity and inner serenity.

32. Difficulties provide me the chance to grow and strengthen my spirit.

33. I follow timings and signs that show me the Universe’s purpose.

34. Synchronicity operates like magic, revealing hidden connections.

35. My intuition speaks the truth, guiding me in the proper direction.

36. Abundance flows naturally to me, guided by invisible wisdom.

37. I am an essential component of a beautiful, interconnected Universe.

38. The Universe has a divine purpose that unfolds perfectly in each step.

39. I let go of fear, chose courage, and walked into the light.

40. Past limitations dissolve, revealing my infinite potential.

41. I forgive myself and others, releasing burdens and moving forward.

42. My concerns are softly swept away by the wind of trust in God.

43. I let go of control and embraced the unknown.

44. I disconnect from results and find peace in the present now.

45. My aversion gets away, giving way to calm acceptance.

46. Every exhale removes negativity, allowing joy to flow.

47. I release what no longer serves me with ease and grace.

48. I am confident that I am always in the right place at the right moment.

49. I give up my anxieties and worries to the Universe’s loving hands.

50. I believe that everything is going just as it should.

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100 Affirmations for Letting Go and Trusting the Universe

51. Every day, I remain open to receiving miracles and blessings.

52. I let go of limiting thoughts and embrace the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

53. I believe that the Universe has my back and is constantly watching out for me.

54. I can feel the Universe’s love and caring right now and always.

55. The Universe is an excellent teacher.

56. I give up my resistance and let the Universe provide me with what I need.

57. My needs and wants aren’t always the same.

58. There are powerful forces in the Universe that assist me in achieving my goals.

59. Everything always goes my way and benefits me.

60. I’m grateful to the Universe for everything you’ve helped me achieve.

61. I have faith that whatever I think and feel is being heard by the Universe.

62. I believe that the Universe has the strength to keep me safe while I’m on my way.

63. Anxiety only exists in my mind; I am free from its grip.

64. The Universe is always providing for me, even in times of scarcity.

65. I allow my expectations to be flexible so I can change and grow organically.

66. When I don’t know, that’s OK, simply smile, take a breath, and let life be.

67. I’m confident that everything will turn out well for me in the end.

68. My dreams come true because the universe is constantly at work in the background.

69. I pick the energy I absorb and let go of that which is not beneficial to me.

70. I release the negative memories from my past and focus on the good ones.

71. I surrender my fear and have faith that the universe will guide me on the correct path.

72. I always get messages from my spirit telling me I’m not alone.

73. What I seek is also seeking me.

74. Now that the past is behind me, I build a new future for myself with higher standards.

75. Anxiety and fear just serve to highlight my priorities — I recognize and let go of them.

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100 Affirmations for Letting Go and Trusting the Universe

76. God made me wonderful, so I don’t need approval from others to know that I am wonderful.

77. I am grateful that I have all I need to succeed.

78. I can sense my body and mind getting rid of toxic feelings.

79. When I surrender to the will of the Universe, miracles happen.

80. The one item I will never let go of is “hope”; everything else, I let go of.

81. I let go of things I’ve outgrown because I believe the Universe has better things in store for me.

82. I surrender myself to the Universe’s will.

83. I am healed by the Universe in strange manners.

84. I’m protected, I’m loved, and I always choose the correct route.

85. The love and effort I wasted will be returned 100 times more by the Universe.

86. Hope for good and patience can solve every issue in the world.

87. My spiritual growth is fueled by letting go of my ego.

88. The Universe returns my gifts in proportion to my contributions.

89. I am 100% capable of achieving all of my goals with the help of God.

90. Beyond what I’ve experienced in the past, there is more goodness in the world.

91. I decide to have a positive and growth mindset.

92. God’s plan is superior to mine.

93. I have faith that God has a greater and better plan for me when things don’t go as planned.

94. I decide to let things unfold naturally the way they should.

95. I have a never-ending supply of life and love at my command.

96. Even under the most difficult situations, I choose to maintain my optimism.

97. I trust the Universe to help me go to the places I dream of.

98. I let go of the past, accept the present and have trust in the future.

99. I’m letting go of unfulfilled desires as the Universe will always win out.

100. As I continue to give myself over to the Universe. My difficulties are removed from me one by one.

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Summing up

On your path to manifestation, using affirmations for letting go and trusting the Universe can transform everything. It all comes down to giving up control and accepting the bigger picture of your life.

You build up an extremely deep feeling of peace, clarity, and trust along your journey by constantly reminding yourself of the universe’s ability to guide you. These affirmations can be included in your daily routine, journaling, or meditation practice. They develop positive energy within you.

It is time to put your newly found affirmations for letting go and trusting the Universe into action. Make a daily effort to repeat two to three affirmations that truly resonate with you from the list. Write them down, post them somewhere you’ll see them often, or speak them out loud. As they become routine, let them sink in.

You’ll experience an inner calmness, after a month or two of practicing this. Positivity and assurance will fill your days as you boldly follow the wonderfully laid-out route the Universe has planned for you.

Remember that the Universe has your back, and its infinite wisdom is guiding you to what is best for you. Trust in that, and you’ll find yourself traveling with a lighter heart and a more optimistic outlook.

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