100 Affirmations for Grief and Loss for Healing Heart

100 Affirmations for Grief and Loss for Healing Heart

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“Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. Keeping grief inside increases your pain.” Anne Grant

Losing someone you love might feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and it can be extremely difficult to deal with. It’s alright to take as much time as you need to feel sad and work things out. Having people who care about you can also make a great difference.

Even if everything appears to be falling apart, there are steps you can take to begin feeling better on your own. Using affirmations for grief and loss can help you begin to see some light in the darkness.

It may feel difficult to let go of the grief, but it is achievable. Use these specific words to cope with your sadness right now. It may appear strange, but even in all this misery, there is still hope for good things.

Take a step now to restore a little happiness and live life once again.

Note: Affirmations can be a useful technique for coping with grief and loss, but they may not work for everyone. If you are experiencing severe or persistent grief, please get assistance from a trained therapist or counselor. It is important to prioritize self-care and seek proper assistance when necessary.

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What are affirmations, and how can they be helpful during grief?

When you’ve suffered a devastating loss, it feels like the whole world gets turned upside down. The pain, sadness, that hollow emptiness — it’s utterly consuming. And then there’s this voice inside your head that keeps saying—‘You’ll never feel okay again.’ ‘This agony will never end.’ 

But deep down, you know giving in will only lead to more suffering. You need a lifeline to pull you back, to remind you of your strength and resilience. That’s where affirmations can be so powerfully healing.

Slowly, you start to reconnect with the core of who you are — far greater than this singular moment of despair. The affirmations are empowering mantras that rupture through the mental chaos.

They aren’t magic solutions to make the hurt disappear. But they reframe your thoughts in a more compassionate light.

With each repetition of the affirmations, you develop a new voice — one of kindness, faith in your ability to heal, and a willingness to learn and grow from this tragedy. The grieving process won’t be linear, but these affirmations can be comforting guides when you feel lost in sorrow.

Affirmations for grief and loss for healing heart

100 Affirmations for Grief and Loss for Healing Heart

1. I know healing takes time, and I am giving myself this gift.

2. Today, I’ll devote time to fulfill my own needs.

3. I will take proper care of my healing process.

4. I believe in my ability to heal and find peace again.

5. I have fully recovered from my pains and miseries.

6. I get over my loss mentally and emotionally.

7. I am finding the strength to create new meaning in my life.

8. My heart will quickly heal as my happiness lies within me.

9. The laughter and joy we shared will forever echo in my heart.

10. Loss is confusing. I will be patient with myself.

11. I’m letting go of the grief that has troubled me.

12. Each day, I am healing and becoming whole again.

13. I trust the journey of healing, even when it feels uncertain.

14. I let go of the belief that I will never recover from this.

15. My heart is healing one day at a time, and I trust in this natural process.

16. My heart’s capacity to love remains infinite, despite the pain of this loss.

17. I am healing my heart with self-love, positive affirmations, and acts of kindness.

18. My heart is resilient and has the strength to heal from this loss.

19. My broken heart is an act of love, not a weakness to be ashamed of.

20. I respect my heart’s grief, knowing it is making space for new love.

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Positive affirmations for grief and loss

100 Affirmations for Grief and Loss for Healing Heart

21. I know my support system will be there for me forever.

22. My constant efforts will get me out of this circumstance very soon.

23. I’ll keep working hard and bending situations in my favor.

24. I find painful moments but I know they will pass.

25. I am becoming stronger and more compassionate through this experience.

26. I am surrounded by reminders of hope, beauty, and renewal.

27. I clear all of the reasons why this should not have happened to me.

28. Today, I feel my angels holding me while I break down.

29. Happy memories are becoming more comfortable than disturbing.

30. I have complete trust in the Universe’s entire process.

31. Through this, I learned the lesson that life wanted to teach me.

32. One moment at a time, one step at a time, I will attempt to accept who I am while I grieve.

33. I am grateful for living my life the way I want it.

34. I’m eternally grateful and in awe of life’s blessings.

35. This loss is making space in my life for new growth and opportunities.

36. I give up the belief that I am not safe in the world.

37. I release any guilt, regrets, or self-blame related to this loss.

38. I have an inner wellspring of strength that will carry me through.

39. There are many things I’ll not understand. I’ll be patient with myself.

40. I’m moving on from my grief and loss to more good emotions.

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Short affirmations for grief and loss

100 Affirmations for Grief and Loss for Healing Heart

41. Everything happens for my benefit.

42. Letting go is a part of life.

43. I continue to see love everywhere.

44. I give my soul time to heal slowly.

45. Gratitude for the memories I hold strengthens me.

46. There is no correct way to grieve.

47. Love lives on, even in the face of loss.

48. I focus on my blessings, desires, and memories.

49. I choose to heal my hurt heart.

50. I will help my soul conquer every difficulty.

51. I am aware that my life is only beginning.

52. My grief and loss matter.

53. I release any ways that make me feel guilty.

54. Healing takes time.

55. Every day, my heart feels lighter.

56. My focus is on my blessings.

57. My grief has changed me.

58. I am a very optimistic person.

59. Grief and loss remind me that I’m alive.

60. Pain and pleasure are two sides of a coin.

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Affirmations for grief and loss of a relationship

100 Affirmations for Grief and Loss for Healing Heart

61. I admire my past for bringing me to where I am today.

62. I understand that all relationships have a beginning and an end.

63. I remember the good moments when I think about the person I lost.

64. I respect the memory of my loved one by continuing to live fully.

65. I am prepared for the next chapter of my life.

66. The lessons learned from this loss will guide me on my path.

67. I’m going forward, prepared to get back up on my feet.

68. My grief is a testament to the depth of love I shared.

69. I’m letting go of the hurt caused by this loss.

70. I have fantastic people in my life who help me move forward.

71. Even in darkness, I find the light of resilience within me.

72. There is no negative energy between me and the person I have lost.

73. I’ve decided to look for the good that can come from this loss as a lesson.

74. I acknowledge that everything has come to an end.

75. I’m just starting this path, and I’m open to healing.

76. I am sad, but it is temporary; my happiness is permanent.

77. I have a purpose in life, and I’m a kind and loving person right now.

78. I am still able to sense the love that this world has to provide.

79. I let go of all these isolated and lonely feelings.

80. In difficult situations, I permit myself to keep going.

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Affirmations for grief and loss of a job

100 Affirmations for Grief and Loss for Healing Heart

81. My self-worth is not defined by my job or employment status.

82. I am confident in my power to create the career and life I desire.

83. I let go of any anger or bitterness I feel towards my former employer.

84. I accept that my previous job is no longer mine.

85. I am no longer afraid of grief since it is going to teach me something.

86. I cannot lose who I am; my job does not define who I am.

87. I only think good things about my previous position.

88. I am allowing support and love from others to comfort me.

89. I have valuable skills and talents to offer the world.

90. I am worthy of finding meaningful work that aligns with my values.

91. I am grateful for the experiences and lessons learned from my previous job.

92. I have the inner strength to work through this difficult transition.

93. I am allowing myself to feel all the emotions that come with this loss.

94. My job ending has left me at peace with everyone.

95. It feels good to know that I have more options.

96. I only think good things about my previous job.

97. I cannot lose who I am; my job does not define who I am.

98. I let go of the thought that I’ve lost everything.

99. I will pick the good things from this phase and move on.

100. The universe will stand behind me in every situation.

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FAQ: Affirmations for grief and loss

How often and in what format should I use affirmations for grief and loss?

Here are some tips on how often and in what format to use affirmations for grief and loss:


Make affirmations a daily ritual and practice. Grief and loss can bring up a lot of difficult emotions, so giving yourself a daily dose of positive self-talk can be very healing.

Multiple times a day 

In addition to a dedicated practice, you can repeat affirmations whenever you notice negative thoughts creeping in throughout the day. Use them as a reset button.

Morning and night

Bookend your day with affirmations first thing when you wake up to start on a positive note, and again before bed to release the day’s worries.


  • Written — Write affirmations on cards, in a journal, or type them out and post them around your home/office as reminders.
  • Recorded — Make an audio recording of yourself stating the affirmations slowly and calmly that you can listen to.
  • Repeated aloud — There’s power in hearing yourself say the words out loud and letting them reverberate through your body.
  • Combined with breath work — Pair each affirmation with a few deep, mindful breaths to increase relaxation.
  • In front of a mirror — While making eye contact with yourself, firmly state the affirmations to your reflection.

The format doesn’t matter as much as making it a consistent practice at whatever feels most therapeutic for you. 

Are there any situations where affirmations might not be helpful for grief?

Navigating grief is like trying to find your way through a dense forest in the dark — it’s tough, and sometimes, well-meaning affirmations can feel almost useless.

For many, grief doesn’t just come knocking on its own. It brings along its buddies — depression, and anxiety — and suddenly, those positive mantras alone aren’t enough to chase them away.

That’s where professional support comes in. So, next time you’re faced with grief — whether it’s your own or someone else’s — remember that those affirmations aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes, you need more than just words of encouragement. You need someone who’s trained to help you navigate the twists and turns of grief, someone who can offer support, understanding, and maybe even a shoulder to cry on.

In the end, healing isn’t about a smile on your face and pretending everything’s okay. It’s about facing your pain head-on, with the help of those who care about you and the professionals who can guide you through the darkest of times.

Can affirmations help me move forward and rebuild my life after loss?

Yes, affirmations can help you move forward after losing someone or something important. They’re like motivators that you’re strong and can get through tough times.

They don’t make the pain go away, but they can give you a boost of hope and encouragement. So, by saying these positive things to yourself over and over, you start to believe them more and more. And before you know it, you’re taking steps to rebuild your life, feeling a little better each day.

What are some common mistakes people make when using affirmations for grief?

Some people mess up when using affirmations for grief and loss. One mistake is expecting to make them feel better right away or trying to rush through the grieving process. But healing takes time — affirmations can’t speed it up.

Another mistake is using those that don’t feel right or true to them, they don’t work because they dismiss the person’s real feelings.

Being inconsistent is another common issue. People might try affirmations for a little while but then stop. Consistency is important for them to help.

Can affirmations be personalized to address specific challenges related to my loss?

Affirmations are most effective when they are deeply rooted in your feelings and experiences. While basic affirmations might be a wonderful starting point, adapting them to specific areas of your grieving can be far more effective. 

Here’s how you can create personalized affirmations for your grief and loss:

  • Identify your feelings — Accept the specific emotions you’re struggling with, such as loneliness, anger, or guilt.
  • Focus on what you can control — Address things you can influence, like your self-care, seeking support, or creating new memories.
  • Connect with your values — Tap into your core values and desires. Are you seeking strength, peace, or finding meaning? Frame affirmations around these values.
  • Use positive and present tense — Express desired outcomes in the present tense, like ‘I am finding strength in facing my challenges.’
  • Be specific — Instead of saying ‘I feel better,’ say ‘I am taking one step at a time towards healing.’
  • Use ‘I’ statements — Personalize the message by using ‘I’ statements, like ‘I am allowed to grieve.’
Final thoughts on affirmations for grief and loss

In the end, affirmations for grief and loss can be powerful techniques for navigating the difficult journey of mourning. But just as we all have different favorite colors and foods, what works for one person may not work for another. It’s like finding the ideal puzzle piece to fit into our hearts. 

So, while affirmations can be quite beneficial, it is also OK to seek alternative ways to feel better, such as doing something that makes you happy.

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