105 Body Positivity Affirmations to Love Your Body

105 Body Positivity Affirmations to Love Your Body

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Looking for the most effective body positivity affirmations? These 105 affirmations can help you love your body a lot more.

Let us take a moment to discuss body affirmations.

People frequently come across the term “affirmations” and may initially think it is an unusual concept. Some may believe it requires simply repeating phrases to oneself without actual belief.

But let me tell you, my friend, that affirmations do not work that way.

Body Positivity Affirmations Cards

Affirmations are simply positive sentences you say to yourself, either aloud or in your mind, with complete belief in what you’re saying. It’s not about wishful thinking; it’s about carefully selecting thoughts and realizing their power when repeated daily.

Here’s the fact:

What you think, believe, and say shapes your world.

This entire process shows that what happens outside of us is often a reflection of what is going on inside. So, if you want to change anything in your life, you must first change your thoughts and beliefs.

This collection has 105 carefully chosen body positivity affirmations aimed to promote self-love. Welcome these affirmations regularly and notice as they have a tremendous impact on your road to fully appreciating your body. 

Now, without more delay, immerse yourself in these affirmations, making them completely your own as you lead the way to a more positive and empowered relationship with your body.

Table of Contents

Body positivity affirmations

105 Body Positivity Affirmations to Love Your Body

1. Self-love is the most important love I can give myself.

2. A single definition of beauty does not exist.

3. My mind and my body are friends — not enemies.

4. My beauty is not determined by societal beauty standards.

5. I am mentally, physically, and spiritually powerful.

6. I regularly hug my body to let it know I appreciate it.

7. I’m cheerful and smile when I see my reflection.

8. I’m grateful for the way my physical appearance looks.

9. Not everyone needs to like me. I just have to like myself.

10. My worth is not related to my beauty.

11. I’m learning to embrace my body.

12. My physical appearance is unique and does not have to resemble anyone else’s.

13. My body carries out many exploits and shows its attractiveness.

14. I am still lovely even when I have a bad hair day.

15. I need to be an advocate for myself. I can’t expect anyone else to do it for me.

Desired body affirmations

105 Body Positivity Affirmations to Love Your Body

16. I’m not limited by the labels of “thin” or “fat,” so I can be who I am.

17. My body is now in the ideal form that I’ve always desired.

18. I’m worthy of feeling desired.

19. My body should be treated with love, respect, and kindness.

20. I care for my body, and it takes care of me.

21. My body deserves love and respect.

22. My body deserves to be cared for.

23. My body serves as the castle for my soul, and it is magnificent.

24. I’m worthy of having body confidence.

25. Being beautiful within is more important to me than appearance.

26. True beauty is rooted in love and happiness.

27. I desire to see myself with the same love as I did when I was younger.

28. I like to feel well. I’m worthy of feeling well.

29. I choose to be here. I chose this time, in this body, and this skin.

30. I’m not bad, and I don’t deserve to be punished, either by myself or by others.

Dream body affirmations

105 Body Positivity Affirmations to Love Your Body

31. The universe is working with me to achieve my dream body.

32. I am committed to the journey of self-improvement, creating a healthier and stronger me.

33. I’m aligned with my dream body’s energy and bringing it to life.

34. I have my ideal figure now, and I feel so fit and healthy.

35. Thank you, Skin, for sheltering and protecting me.

36. Love enters all of my skin, and I touch it throughout my body.

37. I am sculpting a body that not only looks nice but also feels great and works well.

38. Every scar, mark, and form is a reflection of my unique path.

39. I listen to my body’s needs for rest and rejuvenation.

40. I move my body with joy and gratitude for its capabilities.

41. I radiate health and wellness, embracing my journey to my dream body.

42. My body is a force of nature, capable of incredible feats.

43. I celebrate the connection between my mind, body, and spirit.

44. I am blessed with the opportunity to nourish and care for my body.

45. I am surrounded by love and support as I work towards my dream body.

Healthy body affirmations

105 Body Positivity Affirmations to Love Your Body

46. I am attractive and healthy at any size.

47. Different bodies have different looks when it comes to health.

48. I’m blessed with amazing health.

49. Choosing healthy foods is an act of love for my body.

50. When my body gives me signals that it is time to relax, I must pay attention to them.

51. What’s important is how my body feels, not how it looks.

52. I chose health and healing above dieting and self-punishment.

53. Progress is more important to me than perfection.

54. I’m more than my appearance, weight, and shape.

55. Affirmations are helping me to improve my relationship with my body.

56. There’s more to life than worry about my weight. I’m ready for it.

57. My healthy body is a reflection of the love I give myself.

58. I care for myself, and my body is strong and healthy.

59. When I take care of myself, I have more energy to cope with life’s ups and downs.

60. I take better care of myself than anyone else.

Slim body affirmations

105 Body Positivity Affirmations to Love Your Body

61. Being slim doesn’t make me better, more attractive, or more loved.

62. I am grateful for the discipline and dedication that helped me achieve a slim and healthy body.

63. Life doesn’t begin when I lose weight; it happens now.

64. I am grateful for the energy and vitality that follow my slim and healthy body.

65. Life does not begin 10 pounds from now; it has already started. I can choose to participate in it.

66. I love and appreciate my body, and it is responding by maintaining its unique beauty.

67. My mind is my sexiest body part.

68. I’m letting go of extra weight easily and feeling the lightness of my body.

69. I carry myself with confidence and grace as I continue to tone up.

70. I’m paying attention to my body’s needs and only eating foods that help me achieve my goal of a slim image.

71. Being slim or fat is not my identity.

72. I’m in tune with my body and can easily keep a slim and attractive appearance.

73. I don’t need to change a thing because I am already gorgeous.

74. My natural lifestyle keeps me slim and in good health.

75. My natural shape is beautiful.

Fit body affirmations

105 Body Positivity Affirmations to Love Your Body

76. I like exercising to maintain my body fit.

77. My body is getting fit every day.

78. One of the secrets to a happy, healthy life is balance.

79. Exercise is a form of self-care for me.

80. No one can make me feel shameful about myself without my permission.

81. My body is my home, and I will build it up rather than tear it down.

82. My beauty stems from within me.

83. My body is fit and strong.

84. Clothing is designed to fit my body, not the other way around.

85. There is a lot more to life than worrying about my weight.

86. My body is very magnificent.

87. I am far more capable than just having an appearance.

88. Pursuing excellence will not benefit me.

89. Fit body image starts in my mind.

90. I cannot hate myself for being in shape.

Perfect body affirmations

105 Body Positivity Affirmations to Love Your Body

91. A “perfect” body functions properly, whatever that means to you.

92. My body is perfectly suited to doing my favorite things.

93. My entire body shape radiates kindness and love.

94. My body is perfect and that is normal.

95. Regardless of my size, I am a positive person.

96. Both of us have mutual trust in me.

97. My body is a gift.

98. I’m not going to let diet culture dictate what defines a healthy physique.

99. I don’t need to change my body.

100. My body is not a problem that has to be solved.

101. Comparing makes me unhappy. It isn’t the right kind of inspiration.

102. Self-worth comes first. I won’t let my physical appearance prevent me from feeling confident in myself.

103. Whatever diet culture says, I have a perfect body.

104. My life is valuable, regardless of my body image.

105. I have confidence that my body is perfect as it is.

The best ways to use body positivity affirmations

Positive body affirmations are like mini boosters that help you connect your thoughts with the changes you want to see, physically and mentally. Instead of focusing on your body’s imperfections, these affirmations encourage you to appreciate the wonderful aspects of it.

Here are some simple tips to make them work for you:

  • Say or write your affirmations in a journal as soon as you wake up.
  • Take a deep breath before and after every affirmation.
  • Give yourself a small pat or touch as you speak your affirmations to create a physical connection.
  • Talk with confidence so that your words have more impact.
  • Spend around five minutes per day repeating your affirmations.
  • Find a few moments during the day to repeat your affirmations.
  • Take time to consider why you may be unhappy with your appearance and work through those negative emotions.
  • Find a peaceful spot or stand in front of a mirror to say your daily affirmations.
  • Stick your favorite affirmations to a self-love vision board as a reminder of how awesome you are.
  • Journal your responses to topics such as “What does my body allow me to do?” and “What does a positive body image mean to me?”

Pick a comfy, private space for your affirmations, such as your bedroom or bathroom. If possible, look in the mirror while saying them; this can help the message sink in more deeply. And whenever those negative ideas arise, remember these affirmations — they are there to bring you up.

A final thought on body positivity affirmations

Your body is amazing, and you deserve loads of love and respect. Never criticize yourself or others for your appearance; it’s not fair. Take good care of your body and treat it with kindness. Be patient, kind to yourself, and celebrate progress. Focus on how your body feels and what it allows you to do, not just how it looks. Surround yourself with supportive people and media. Keep at it, and you’ll notice that feeling good about yourself becomes second nature.

I hope you discovered one affirmation that resonated with you and set a positive tone for the day. Remember, self-love is a practice, not perfection. Keep blooming!

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